Rip it up and start again… and again

When I moved to New York, a few years ago, I started a blog. Initially it was intended to document the amazing variety  and quality of veggie burgers on offer in that great city. But over time my focus began to shift. I started to write a little more about politics, music and popular culture. My favourite posts were those that located a burger review within a larger, quasi-sociological theme. There was a roadtrip through the central states of the US and a few posts from France, Argentina and Spain.

Moving home to Belfast, work (and life in general) got in the way of blogging and the posts became less frequent and regular. I’m now putting it to bed. It’s still online but I won’t be using it anymore. I’m not even going to delete the (slightly embarrassing in retrospect) final post.

I’m now living in Dublin. There’s more going on in my life and there’s more I feel is important to comment on. So, things I might write about…

  • More great vegetarian food – not just burgers.
  • Punk rock (my definition of punk) – and I’ll link to the column I write for the 405.
  • Popular culture/sociology and the media.
  • Thoughts on the master’s I’m doing at DCU in political and public communication.

Tonight, I’m going to see Thurston Moore play in the button factory in Dublin’s Temple Bar. I first saw sonic youth play over 21 years ago and I’m still as excited as a kid at Christmas at the thought of seeing him play again.


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