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Lee Ranaldo

As I was snooping around the internet today I came across this… Two new songs from Lee Ranaldo.

They’re most likely going to crop up on his forthcoming solo record, “Between the Times and the Tides“, due to be released by matador on March 20th next year.

They’re really good.


Thurston Moore – The Button Factory – November 27

Psychic Hearts

When Thurston Moore last played Dublin in his solo guise he dedicated the song fri/end to “a beautiful woman and artist back in New York City.”  He played that song again on Sunday night. And it sounded like he still means every word.

Since that last visit, Thurston has released the excellent Demolished Thoughts and he plays a good deal of it tonight. The addition of drums on many of the tracks give them a more rocking feel but the maturity and warmth of the songs remains. This maturity is evident throughout. The timbre of Thurston’s voice has deepened over the years and compliments the acoustic arrangements perfectly. Meanwhile, harp and violin add sonic texture and counter melodic elegance.

The set is punctuated with several verses of poetry and, in a post-sonic youth era, it’s easy to see how Thurston could become a Patti Smith for the art-rock generation. Art, politics and sex come together in these little compositions and the words are given extra power through an almost aggressive, rhythmic delivery.

The set itself is drawn from all three of Thurston’s (more song based) records and highlights include the outstanding blood never lies from demolished thoughts and the vicous, scratchy psychic hearts.

Speaking in Rolling Stone magazine recently, Thurston’s  co-conspirator, Lee Ranaldo, hinted at an imminent world without sonic youth, but on this form Thurston still has much to offer.


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